Monday, January 17, 2011

Silas' First Haircut

First snip!

At 17.5 months, Silas was definitely due for a haircut. His wispy little hairs were a bit out of control. I had trimmed his little "wings" in October for our family pictures but the time had come for this Momma to let go of the little baby look and get used to the idea that well... Silas isn't a baby anymore! I couldn't believe the emotions that I felt during the days leading up to the haircut! Long time friend Kara Hubbard so kindly agreed to help us out and cut Silas' hair. Kara even came to our house! With the help of Silas' beloved Veggie Tales videos on youtube, Kara was able to get lots of snips in on the mesmerized little son. The only squirming that Silas did was when a favorite song would come on. After a little swaying and clapping, he would sit perfectly still again in his highchair. What a big boy! And just look at that big boy haircut! Cute cute CUTE!

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