Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 Month Check-Up

Silas had his 18 month check-up today. He checked out great! 32 inches and 27 pounds. His growth has started to slow down a bit putting him in the 50-75% instead of the usual 90% (which the doctor said was absolutely fine). Dr. Hayman also went through a questionnaire with me to see if Silas showed any early signs of autism. He passed every question! And by passed, I mean that he's perfectly fine and doesn't have autism. You know what I mean. :)

The doctor said Silas was average when it came to his language skills. While he talks a ton, he doesn't have many words yet. He calls Dan "Dada" and my dad "Pa." He says "key" for cat and squirrel and a combination of c and k sounds for Uncle Kevin. He says Pooh, cookie, uh-ooooooh and ticka-ticka-ticka for tickle. His first word was ball (around his first birthday) and "dog" followed shortly after. He STILL doesn't call me anything although he knows that I am "Mommy." Although he doesn't have an extensive vocab just yet, he understands a TREMENDOUS amount. We even have to spell certain things (mainly Veggie Tales, cheese or pretzels so as to not get things stirred up). Dr. Hayman was looking for 10 words by the time Silas hit 18 months and I think we're right around that number. His next check-up won't be until he is 2. By then he should have 20 words or so. I think he will hit that mark and exceed it. I can tell that he is really starting to comprehend the art of conversing. He tried for the longest time this afternoon to communicate which song he wanted me to sing. It ended up being his current favorite, the Belly Button song (from Veggie Tales of course). If you've never heard the song, you're really missing out. Silas even has some sweet new dance moves to go along with it.

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