Saturday, January 22, 2011

Feed the Birds

I always think of that song from Mary Poppins when feeding the menagerie in our backyard. An entire family of squirrels have a big nest in our backyard maple tree. They sound like elephants when they're chasing each other on our roof. At least three big rabbits live in the brush between us and the neighbors. I have a hunch that they were the ones responsible for eating away my rosemary and cilantro plants last year. There are too many birds for me to even name. The neighborhood cats frequent our backyard and porch as well (checking out the fine buffet of squirrels and birds, I'm sure). And the raccoons! We can't forget them. I wouldn't be surprised if some deer showed up in our backyard one day. It would certainly fit the vibe that we have going on.

What do you do with your stale hamburger buns? I figured I would try something creative this time.

Silas thought mommy was being so funny tromping around in the snow.

It didn't take long for the squirrels to find the buns in the peach tree. They were chomping away within minutes! I took these next two pictures through our kitchen window.

Happy snow weekend!

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