Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Trip to the Dentist

It seems like Silas has inherited my teeth. There is one semi-negative factor with this and another very negative factor. The semi-negative factor is the size. While my teeth aren't the largest that I've ever seen, they are still purty BIG. Teething was awful for Silas (so sorry, buddy!!!). The very negative factor is the problem with our enamel. Both of us have a degenerative disorder with the enamel on our teeth. It forms but doesn't coat the entire tooth leaving areas susceptible to damage.

Silas chipped his front right tooth not long after his first birthday. I was so upset about it! The chip was a half moon shape but didn't seem sharp. Last week he hit his mouth on our coffee table and chipped his front left tooth! Not even 15 months old and already two chipped teeth!? Things are not starting off well for the dental health of this kid!

I called Dr. Fleck in Clarksville. He is an awesome pediatric dentist who I went to until I was 16 or so. They had us come in the very next morning. Despite feeling pretty lousy (head cold, etc), Silas was such a good boy as he sat with me in the waiting room. We didn't have too long before they called us back. The staff definitely know how to work with toddlers! They didn't waste one minute but got right to examining Silas' teeth. Dr. Fleck came in to take a look and confirmed that it was an enamel formation problem. He instructed me to brush/clean Silas' teeth after EVERY feeding and to come back in three months for a follow up. The assistant then applied a protective sealant on Si's teeth. He thought the taste was interesting to say the least. She gave him a little basketball and a fish squirt toy. He held onto both of them the whole way home!
Poor little guy didn't feel well!
All done and waiting for some toys!
Very happy to be home!

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