Saturday, August 7, 2010

Silas' FIRST Birthday!

Could it be true?! My sweet baby boy all grown up to a full year old?! It absolutely blows my mind to think of all that has taken place in a years time. From a helpless little 8 pound newborn to a 25 pound, WALKING, 8 toothed toddler... unbelievable. Silas has already been such an incredible blessing to us. He is my little sweetheart. We are so grateful to the Lord for choosing us to be his parents.
Silas' actual birthday was a fairly normal day. I made breakfast for us and then we let Silas open up his birthday gifts from us. We bought him a little red truck with pegs on top and a blue hammer to pop them down with (a little fist works well too), a play table and a ride-and-push lion. He wasn't as crazy about the lion at first but really loved the play table and all of the different songs that it played. The curly bows on his presents were the best. Dan worked hard to get Silas new swing up so he could try it out. We also took him for a ride in the car to see how he liked sitting FORWARD. Grammie came over for a bit that evening to see Silas open some of his gifts, sing happy birthday and to witness his first taste of ice cream. He is definitely a fan.
Good morning, birthday boy!

First time in a swing!

My sweet baby boy.
Birthday balloons!
Ice cream!!!

The next day we had the big birthday party. Even though we tried to keep things low key by having just the family and a few close friends, we still ended with about 25 people! You just can't avoid having a big group when you're a Powers. Since Silas loves dogs so much, I made little puppy invitations to send to everyone. We had lots of good food (hot dogs of course!) and great cupcakes with killer cream cheese icing. I made Silas his very own little cake to dig into. He was hesitant at first but then stuck his fingers alllll the way down in the cake. It was so much fun. He loved all of his presents too! Everyone knows how much Silas loves to play with our cell phones. For some months now, he will pick up almost any toy and hold it up to the side of his head like he's talking on the phone. Several people obviously had the same train of thought because Silas received 5 phones! He was in heaven.

Silas and Jack (not sure if this was before or after Silas punched Jack).



Silas wasn't too crazy about all of that sticky stuff on his hands.

Happy FIRST birthday, Silas!!!

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