Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Ledger Clan

It isn't everyday that all of the Ledgers are together in one place. In fact, it only happens about once every 5 years now that my cousins are spread out all over the Eastern part of the country! After much schedule juggling, a trip was planned to visit Grandma in New Albany. Seeing us is just an added bonus! :) We thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend time with family that we rarely get to see. It was also really great to get the next generation together. A.J. is four and told me some of the greatest tall-tales during dinner.
Wait for me, A.J.!Grandma Faye and her two very squirmy great-grandsons.
Grandma and the granddaughters (me, Sydney, Grandma, Michelle and Megan). Grandma had four sons and no daughters. I'm sure everyone was surprised by the onslaught of females when the next generation arrived! Kevin is the youngest and the only grandson (and wasn't able to make it due to work).


Part of the "disappearing A.J." act.

Card mugs courtesy of Aunt Debbie.

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