Friday, July 9, 2010

5th Anniversary

On June 18th, Dan and I celebrated our fifth anniversary. We have had such a wonderful five years together. We are truly blessed to have each other. We normally don't buy each other anniversary gifts but opt to go out somewhere nice for dinner and just spend time together. Since this was our first "milestone" anniversary, we decided that we wanted to buy each other something. Just for fun, I looked up the different anniversary meanings/gift guides or whatever you want to call it. Apparently, year five is traditionally wood. Uhhhhh, ok. I was determined to stick to it as closely as I could and tried to be creative. I ended up getting Dan a pocket knife with a wooden handle. Dan was thinking more along the lines of furniture and ended up with this entire set below! It wasn't wood but Dan said that he, "followed the spirit of the law but not the letter of it." :)
In addition to buying me an entire new set of patio furniture, he also got up early and made a trip to both Panera (for their awesome breakfast sandwiches) and Krispy Kreme. Silas was still snoozing away so we were able to enjoy breakfast just the two of us!

For dinner, we drove up to Scottsburg, Indiana to
Jeeves and Company. We could have gone somewhere closer but the 30 minute drive made it more of an "event".

The guestbook at Jeeves'.
Bruschetta appetizer. It was really good but completely cold (as in straight-from-the-refrigerator cold)! Bread and everything! Dan had their catch of the day and I had a blackened chicken dish with cheese ravioli, sauteed peppers and alfredo sauce. They served a cranberry and walnut bread with the meal that was fresh from the oven. The house salad was a green salad with blue cheese and fresh blackberries (from the owner's yard) with a blackberry vinaigrette. Oh my!
Home again with the baby boy.

A very happy five years it has been!

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