Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasure Confession

I don't know if it's the fact that I grew up watching old musicals that made me fond of this particular artist or what but I really have a soft spot for the vocal talents of Anthony Newley. I hadn't even remembered Mr. Newley from my musical days gone by until my dad started singing one of his songs while walking around the house recently. That led to looking up youtube videos which led us to reading up on his bio which led to the discovery that he wrote the song Feelin' Good! Consequently that song in particular has been a huge hit for Michael Buble' but I don't know if Newley ever actually recorded it himself. If anyone knows, please enlighten me because I would LOVE to hear it.

Anthony Newley had a very unusual style for his time. Flamboyant is the word that comes to mind although he was as straight as an arrow. He has been sighted as being a HUGE influence (vocally) for an artist that is now wildly famous. I will give you a hint. His real name is David Robert Jones.

Here is a video of a young Newley performing Who Can I Turn To from the Broadway musical The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd (which I have never seen). Let me know what you think!


MaisieR said...

Here's a YouTube of Newley's recording of "Feeling Good".

(NOTE: YouTube has blocked the video for copyright reasons outside of the US)

Our Wonderful Eyes said...

Sweet! Thanks so much! I didn't realize that the song was from the same musical as the video that I posted (which you can find by clicking on the word "video" in the last paragraph of the post). Thanks again! :)