Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Aisles of March (and one in February too)

Three weddings have taken place in just over a months time for people that are very near and dear to our hearts. First up... Dan's lovely sister, Liz!

Liz married Kris Walter on their six month anniversary in a private ceremony at Powers' Mountain. It was so sweet, sincere and just flat out awesome. Luke was in town from L.A. so they decided to get married before he flew back. Even though there was only a week to plan, the ceremony and mini-reception turned out so pretty and meaningful. I love Jonas' face in the picture above. Kris is a great guy and treats Liz like a princess.

The whole Powers family with the new Mr. and Mrs. Walter.

Listening to Dan play the Avett Brothers' "January (aka February) Wedding."

Next to get married was my very dear friend Amanda Booth. Amanda had a pretty tough way to go a few years back so it excited me to no end to see her find the right guy! Chris Tucker set his sights on Amanda when she was still working at the Y in Corydon. I am glad that he did because they fit each other so well. Their wedding took place on March 6th and I had the privilege to be a bridesmaid. And our dresses were chocolate brown! Love.

Amanda's designed her gown and her grandmother made it. Beautiful!

Probably one of the longest toasts or "roasts" I have ever heard. It was seriously like 15 minutes long. Ha! We are very happy for the new Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tucker!

Last but not least is our long time friend Aaron McMillan. Now here is an incredible story of someone who set his heart on finding God's best and was committed to not settle for anything less. Little did he know that Elizabeth Ross from Baton Rouge, Louisiana had committed herself to the same thing. Through a random series of events, Elizabeth's aunt and uncle ended up relocating to Georgetown and decided to visit our church. After meeting Aaron and finding out that he was an eligible bachelor, they decided to play match-maker. E-mailing turned into telephone calls which led to plane rides. Then came the engagement ring and finally a gorgeous wedding at a Louisiana plantation. Dan was a groomsmen and played guitar during the communion part of the ceremony while I sang. Truly one of the happiest occasions I have ever witnessed. Their relationship is a true testament to God's faithfulness and proof that he does have an incredible plan for all of us if we are willing to follow Him.

The new Mr. and Mrs. McMillan!

And they lived happily ever after. You had to know that line was coming. :)

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