Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adventures in baby food

There is no time like the present to start blogging again. I may try to do some back tracking at some point but for now... onward!!!

After six months of exclusively breastfeeding, Silas was ready for solids. First up was rice cereal. The first time wasn't too bad. A few tastes and a few shivers and funny faces. Day two of rice cereal ended in disaster. Silas was up until 2:00 a.m. with a tummy ache. After a few days off, we tried oatmeal in place of the rice cereal. Success!
Don't be fooled by the funny face he's making in the picture. He really loved the oatmeal.

Carrots were next. Still not too crazy about the orangey puree on its own but loving it mixed with his familiar oatmeal! Sweet potatoes were next on the list. I decided that I would try my hand at preparing one for the son. Scrubbing, peeling, chopping, boiling until tender and then a few turns around the blender proved to make some super fresh, super tasty mashed sweet potatoes! A personal favorite of mine. I decided to see what Silas thought of them straight up (no oatmeal or mommy's milk mixed in). First bite - squinty face with a little shiver. Second taste - pondering this new stuff. By the time I offered him the third bite he was leaning forward in his high char with his mouth wide open! Looks like Silas is a sweet potato fan just like his mommy and daddy.

According to the book, Top 100 Baby Purees, pureed sweet potatoes are suitable for freezing. I washed up one of our extra ice cube trays and spooned the sweet potato into each little square. I put a layer of cling wrap on top and stuck it in the freezer. Viola!

Look at those perfect little servings! They will last in the freezer for two months too! One large sweet potato yielded about a dozen ice cubes. I also tried making some fresh carrots. Same as the sweet 'taters with the scrubbing, peeling and chopping except this time I tried steaming instead of boiling. They didn't blend up as smooth as they probably would have if I had boiled them. They sure did turn out beautiful though!

Silas still wasn't too sure about eating carrots on their own but that's ok. Carrot-y oatmeal is pretty awesome (at least Silas thinks so).

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